Can’t see the Forest through the Trees

When we moved into our house twelve years ago, we did notice that on our four and a half acres that about two acres were open and needed to be mowed.  The remaining two and a half acres were woods.  I would guess that we have over a thousand trees on our property.  Some are big, sturdy and healthy.  Then we have a group that are classic junk trees that can grow quickly and then fall over because the root system is extremely shallow.  Then we have hundreds and hundreds of pines that were with the house when we bought the property.  The house was thirty + years old when we bought the house and somewhere around that time, I am sure that those pine trees were planted.

When we look around the property, so many trees have fallen over, split or are rotten.  I found out that the life span of a pine tree is thirty years.  While the pine trees provided privacy and a nice buffer between us and our neighbors, they are a danger as fallen trees are left leaning against healthy trees.  To cut down the trees cleanly and removing all of that timber is a job for a professional.  What do you do when there are so many trees and this is not just a grand or two to fix.  This looks like it would take weeks to do, with a full crew of people.

I will say that it seems like my second job cutting down trees and removing the wood, or cutting the wood to be burned in a bon-fire.  I have several cord of wood that have been sitting there for several seasons. I am not sure it is good seasoned wood any more.  I still have a bunch of trees that I have cut into logs that are lying all over the place now.  About eight weeks ago I found out that I have neck and shoulder issues and have been going to PT several times a week for three weeks now.

So where I was spending many hours every week cutting down, cutting up and then stack or throwing over the bank, now I can only look.  I would have church folk come over to help shuttle and move wood around, but the danger posed by the trees leaning against other trees is too much risk.

When I look at the amount of work to be done outside, then to repave a 240 foot driveway, then to replace a roof, to replace doors and windows, replace the deck in the back yard, I realize that I would never recover that money in a million years.  So the alternative is to do just enough to sell the property and take what I can get on the open market instead of believing that these investments will work in my financial favor should I move forward on these projects.  I have quietly raised the white flag and I am ready to talk terms of my surrender.