Thanks for stopping by.  I have been around for many years and never really saved up for vacations.  My kids are grown up and I never took them to Disney land.  In the same way I have never planned for retirement.  Dreaming of what that looks like is a new adventure for me.  When you do not have a lot of money, it is easy to be jealous of what other people have.  When you do have money, it is amazing how quickly the money can run through your fingers when you feel like well “what the heck, we are on vacation” line comes out 5 times a day.  So I am looking at the balance of the value of a vacation versus the cost.  Not just financial, but also the conditioning of what are proper expectations.  I do not want to covet what others have and I do not want to be put in a box as to what our vacation would look like.  So now I journey on to see the me I really am and whether a picture of the perfect vacation changes that in any real way.  Life is full of choices.  Now I wanted to be more purposeful in what I desire and hope for.  I pray in does not urn into gluttony in some form or the other.  Lets see where this goes.