What is Paradise

Have you ever wondered what Paradise should look like.  Are we conditioned into what it should loo like and how we deserve to be in paradise.  Pick a spot near water and the marketing engines kick in.  Are we wired to go on vacation in or around the beautiful beaches and lakes? What constitutes a successful vacation?  Does it live up to the hype? Or are we just trying to find to decompress for a while.  When that is the case it seems like it takes a couple of days to fully fall into vacation time.  Then starts the count down when you have to go back to the real world in 4 days,, 3 days, 2 days urgh lets pack and go.  Then the plans start about what you will do different next time.  My real question is that what is paradise.  Is it merely an escape from the daily grind, if so there are much less expensive ways to possibly accomplish that.  I get back to have we been wired to expect that a vacation looks like a trip to Disney land or the Outer Banks or Laguna Beach.   Is a vacation where all warring parties agree to a cease fire.  Or do arguments start because everyone has competing agendas on the vacation and no one feels as though they have been heard.


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