Everyone has an image of where the want to retire or where that want to vacation.  The purpose of this blog is to find paradise at home regardless of where you are.  One does not need to live in Orange County, California in order to feel like we have made it or become something.  Laguna Beach Homes is a image of the other life that few people ever get to partake of and it feels like we live in a  world of the haves and the have nots.  I hope to shed light on letting go of material acquisitions and status and find peace in the wonder that is all around.  Vacations are about decompressing, but the goal is to find ways to recharge the batteries without have to wait the full year for the next family vacation.  Many cannot afford the lavish vacation, so we want to talk about creating a new idea of what down time looks like, as well as what vacation and retirement look like.  If we continue to covet the icons of materialism then we will always be in want.  How might we seize the moment, find an adventure in the daily living of life.  Stay tuned so together we can collaborate on a new perspective or a new way to look at life.  We have the God given resource of wonder and intellectual curiosity.  Lets be in the moment and see what is right in front of us.  Please come back often as we look into ourselves.