I have a Fox in my House

I remember at the end of a work day, I was going to take a shower to reinvigorate me for the evening with family.  As I am stepping in the shower I hear both my wife and daughter screaming.  I hesitating for a moment, well because I was naked.  The scream was one that I recognized.  To me it signaled another bat flying around the house.

They continued to scream so I through on basic under garment to shoo away the bat.  As I am coming down the steps my wife is screaming something audible and recognizable.  As I am half way down the stairs she screams that there is a fox in the house.  The screams are coming from the mud room off of the kitchen.  The scream was a bit muffled because they could not open the door for fear of the fox cornering them.

Right as I comprehended what was being said, I saw a fox running past my view into the living room to me left followed closely by our dog that was roughly the same size as the fox.  I barked a command for my dog to come, right as the fox hit a dead end and was cornered.

Fortunately my dog came and I took her up the stairs and put her in my bedroom and closed the door behind me.  Now I am walking downstairs barefooted looking for the fox having no idea what I was going to do once I encountered it.

As I came down the steps I looked to the left and did not see it.  I came down to the last step and kind of peaked my head around the corner to see if I could locate it.  Right at that moment I felt something brush against my leg.  I screamed like a school girl as my nerves were on end.

My wife did the bravest thing.  She left the mud room to go outside and open the front door so that the fox had a means of escape.  Then ran back to the mud room.

I sat on the fifth step and watched this cute young fox just staring at me.  I tried to talk gently and point to the open front door, but the fox had no clue what I was wanting. He just looked eager to get out of the house and was looking for any help he could get.  After about three minutes he passed in front of me passing the open door and into my family room.  I had to recliners that he ran behind. I got a trash can so I at least had a barrier between us and start moving the recliners and tables to angle him out towards the door.  It work and my adrenaline was through the roof.  I gave the all is clear sign to my wife she and my daughter came into to help me put the room back into place.  The funny thing is that my wife’s notes for work were sitting on a bench and several of the pages had fox paw prints on them.

After that episode, I think it took us about an hour to get back to a normal composed state.

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