Pick up Sticks

It is an amazing time of year.  Spring brings such vibrant colors and a pure expression of life and a picture of all that is alive.  Over the winter, I stayed inside a little bit too long and picked up a little too much weight.  On our property we get a lot of ice, wind, rain and then fallen trees and or branches.  The exercise does not look all of that threatening.  There are plenty of branches, twigs and sticks to pick up and it looks like an hours worth of work.

You drop down to pick up a stick and you notice the blood rushing to your head.  Then you take a moment to collect yourself and you decide this time to bend the knees to make it an easier blood flow transition.  This time the oxygen and blood flow are properly balanced as I bend down this time.

So far so good.  About eight squats later, I feel like I am about to pull a muscle in my hamstring.  Again I stand up to gather myself and now what looked like an hours worth of work, now seemed like a weekend and a likely stop at the Hospital.

I decided that it was time for me to be a leader and inspire my wife and daughter to help me in the yard.  I was so encouraged with how helpful the were, that I even brought out the chain saw and cut the fallen trees to logs for disposal.  I even got my nineteen year old daughter to stack them in the back of the trailer attached to my tractor.  Once I got it back to the far reaches of my property, I could lean over and toss the logs without too much distress. It was just the challenge of bending over to pick up sticks that almost did me in.

The great news is that got me just tired enough to take the best nap that I have taken in years.  So next time when you hear someone say have you ever heard of “pick up sticks”, make sure you explain to them it is strictly for kids.  I think of this advice as more of a life lesson.  That being said, I have come to realize that my working from home has made me way too stationary.  So as a answer to that it is 300 steps for me to take my dogs down to the creek.  That makes a round trip 600 steps.  If I do that four times a day, that will get me to right around 2400 steps. I recognize this is well shot of the 10,000 steps that we are encouraged to take every day.  To put in context, I am likely taking fewer than 1,000 steps a day now.  If I can incrementally increase the length and frequency, then I may be in a position to not worry about my weight or age and just decide it is time to pick up sticks.


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