Walking on Water

So after getting into my home, I realized there were a lot of idiosyncrasies that we had to learn about this home.  each home has its own rhythm and the real test is how quickly we understand them and respond accordingly. I should have known that water would be a prevalent theme.  When your home says this is my Achilles heel, it would be good to bring a foot doctor to the party.

When I first moved in, one of the great features in the house was a Jacuzzi.  I loved that Jacuzzi.  I loved water…I would sit in it for at least an hour a couple of times a day.  That was doable since I work out of my house.

Then little projects started to spring up.  We have  basement that has a sump pump.  Every year you want to make sure it works.  You can go 8 months without it ever going on.  The only way you know it is broken is when I fails to pump water out of the well. When that happens you get a flood.  The first flood was 6 inches across the entire basement. We had a lot of items stored in cardboard boxes and that meant a lot of sentimental items were now lost do to water damage.  The next year, we tested and found that we needed to replace it again.  I remember when the electricity went off in our home, the sump pump could not work.  The water tables were already incredibly high.  I start emptying totes and doing a bucket brigade into the totes hoping that any moment the electricity would come back on and the water would naturally pump out of the house.  I was just about physical wasted at 3:10am when the lights came on and the water started pumping out of the house.  Now I have back -up units and a gas generator so that does not happen again.

A week later drips comes through the roof into our bedroom.  Higher a guy to fix the roof and that is alleviated.  Then leaks from behind the washing machine.   Water was literally gushing through the walls.  I called Upstate New York Plumbing and they saved the day.  I am out of my depth in most things related to plumbing.  I had a leak under my kitchen sink and tried to replace pipes three different times and never could get it to stop leasing.  That is correct, I called my plumber again.  I have him on speed dial for all of my emergencies.

Now I have a home where I know the rhythm and more importantly who to call so that I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to walk on water.  Usually very cold water.

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